Whilst it is perhaps a little simplistic to categorize my personality into a type, I have taken a number of tests to define the kind of person I am and how I interact with other people.

Myers–Briggs: This is a personality type indicator, with 16 possible outcomes represented by four letters. I almost always come out as an ESTJ, otherwise known as the Executive type. This means I like things to be done the right way and am realistic. However, recently my results have been ENTP, which is a similar type but is more spontaneous and likely to take more risks and also argue a point from someone else’s view. I have found myself being more spontaneous recently, so perhaps I’m moving towards this personality type.

Honey and Mumford: This tests how you learn, and splits learning styles into four types. It is possible to have a hybrid of two of these types. I am an Activist-Pragmatist learner. The activist in me wants to learn by doing, and the pragmatist takes the time to think about how to apply learning to reality and enjoys solving problems.

Belbin: Belbin is an assessment of how you work in a team role. I am a Shaper, which means I come up with ideas and help keep a team moving. It does mean I sometimes offend people’s feelings.

Hogwarts House: Obviously the most important of all the categories; I am a Hufflepuff. Hufflepuffs are loyal, patient, fair, hard-working, and true.